Let the Magic begin with the Music of George Tandy Sr.

Now’s your chance to bring your own party to life with LIVE music played by George Tandy Sr. and his peers.

Don’t miss your chance to hear the Magic of George Tandy Sr. LIVE!

Endless Possibilities: 

Music for any Occasion.

From the studio to the stage, classroom to the theater. Music is everywhere and George Tandy Sr. has the talent to take it to the next level.

“Music should not be self centered It should be a life-to-life contact – shared intimacy. When I play for you it is a precious moment to know you have touched someone’s heart through sound.” — George Tandy



George Tandy’s solo album  entitled “Urban Jazz” has brought joy to audiences throughout the world!

On the Stage

George Tandy Sr. brings major events to life. All eyes and ears are upon the band. In some cases you can hear a pin drop. The anticipation grows. George struts in and sits gingerly at the a grand piano. Shortly thereafter the magic starts with a few notes. The crowd is mesmerized.

Music is in the Family

You know your doing something that is changing hearts and minds when your family follows in your footsteps.

Professional to a fault.

George understands how important your event is. Everyone he works with has years of experience and undiscovered talents. Each event is a little different. He engages the audience and they respond. Book him now! Your gonna have a good time.

Entertainment Options: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Here’s one Decision that’s easy.

Easy Decision!


George keeps the good times rolling!

With the skill of a master musician and the joy of an entertainer, George Tandy and his band never ceases to memorize the audience. His energy and range of repertoire can fit any type of event raising the level to your fondest expectations. I highly recommend him. – Stephen Shooster

“Wow! I was blown away. When these guys start jamming, hips shake and the walls come tumbling down.” – DS

“WOW I dont really know what else to say. George Tandy and Band are some of the finest muscians I have ever heard. They can switch genres with almost no effort, roll with the evening, and give each artist the space they need to highlight their skills.

WOW- AMAZING!” – Scott 

George Tandy’s electric energy, along with his diversity and array of musical style will make this year’s PACE/Southern Bell Jazz Showcase one of the most outstanding ever.”

“How George plays so much on the keyboard, while dancing and smiling with charm is just one of life’s mysteries.”

A lifetime of Giving in the Form of Beautiful Music.